How to get from Italy to Greece

How to Get from Italy to Greece by Boat

Hi NomadBirds,

In August 2011, right after my awesome Erasmus period was over, I was making my way to Turkey through Greece. I had a lot of luggage and I did not have a plane ticket which was reserved months before. I was wide open to an adventure and I just loved Greece. So I took a ferry from Ancona, to Patras.

Ancona to Patras

Ancona to Patras

It is always a fun trip to travel from one awesome Mediterranean country, ITALY, to another great one, GREECE. I wish to do it all the time:)

Well, if you are not looking for a way to close your eyes and when you open them in a plane and to be in Athens here is a great opportunity for you to have a long sea trip.

I do not know whether you are aware of but Greece has one of the world’s best sea transportation. Most of the boys I met in Greece were studying Naval Engineering or so. They are all around the world with their naval transportation vehicles. Whatever, that is why, there are plenty of ferry companies from Italy to Greece, even Turkey (the ferry from Venice to Cesme was cancelled as far as I know).

Here are the opportunities to get from Italy to Greece (to Patras or even till Athens, Piraeus):

- Departure from Venice

-  from Ancona

- from Bari

- from Brindisi

The first stop is Korfu, one big and awesome island I haven’t had the chance to visit yet. I just fell in love with the island. I love all islands though, Korfu is very special:) Look at it, awesome!

Most of the ferries’ second stop is in Igoumenitsa where most of the Albanian passengers get off. There are also so many Turkish people on board because the ones who live in Europe, they drive till Italy then they take the ferry till Igoumenitsa, then they just drive from Balkans to Turkey, Istanbul.

I had used Aneklines. It was fairly nice. It even had a swimming pool inside. I stayed on the deck because i did not want to pay for a bed however, there were sun beds all around and I love to sleep on one:)


If you are a student you always get a %25 percent discount but only outside of GreeceThis discount unfortunately not available in domestic lines in Greece! Only the students who are studying at a University in Greece can have it! And it sucks! This is not only for Aneklines but also for all other companies.

Blue Star Ferries are also cool. Especially in domestic lines, they have really decent and clean vehicles.

Superfast Ferries are also an option.

You can check other options as well but those are the ones I recommend.

Lastly, I suggest you directly call the company for a ticket and go to port a few hour before the departure. Those websites are not good at booking a ticket etc. So try to call, listen to the pretty voice speaking Greek first, then ask for someone who speaks English.

Then, enjoy the rest…





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  • angela barata says:

    hi!there is also a moneyless option!the lorrydrivers pay for the truck and they and their accompanions travel for free!so,you can contact someone in the port if u can travel with him for free!good luck

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