Wear a ring in Morocco

Wear a Ring in Morocco, for Female Travelers

If you are a female traveler in Morocco, here is the first thing you should definitely do no matter you travel alone or in company:


-Lying that you are married.

-If you travel with your friends, do not tell them that you are just friends. Let your male friends to seem like your husband. You will feel the relief.

In Morocco men respect married women than single ones. So, a ring which looks like an engagement or a wedding ring can save you from frustration.

I was told that wearing a ring in Morocco can be much easier to get around by my friend Sara who visited there during 2010 when we were Erasmus students. She had told me so but I had not thought that it could be that effective; it seemed to me such an easy solution. However, I understood that it can seriously true on my arrival to Morocco, in Tangier. I was at the bus station in Tangier, waiting the bus for Chefcauen, which costed around 40 dirhem, 4 euros by CTM (the safest bus company in Morocco). The guy who was selling me the tickets were questioning me about where I am from, what I am doing there, why I am traveling alone, etc. The cleaning guy with him took my left hand and told me somehow; ‘You do not wear a ring, which means that you are not married’…

I was surprised and shocked.  I could not be pissed either. I could say nothing and I took my hand out of him and I went away. Until the bus arrives, I could only think of one thing: I should have found a ring to wear in Morocco!

When I got to Chefcauen and found a pension, I immediately looked through my stuff and found a ring, which would be my protector during my trip in Morocco. It did not look like a wedding ring much; however, I never took off that ring for a month, during my stay there and that little ring saved me in a lot of situations. Especially during my stay in that tiny Berber village in the mountains.

Do wear a ring; if you do not believe me make a research. Then see the difference between the day you wear it and the one you do not… People are strange, cultures are strange…



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